The Shame of Kenyan Football fans. It’s time we grow beyond that.

Back then while growing up, I lost psyche for football around the time I used to hear of fans that could carry stones in briefcases when going to watch their team play with the intentions of using them which at times they did just in case they lost. Then for a while things started working well and i was proud of Kenyan Soccer once again as day in day out the fan base grew and everyone starting to appreciate homegrown or rather local soccer teams.
Well, i guess you can’t completely get rid of old ways from everyone at once just as displayed the other day when trouble came into the pitch. Hooliganism yet again.

Football is changing lives of so many out there with players abroad being paid millions weekly. In Kenya, we too can change and allow our young talents to sprout to the point where they can make a true living out of their God given talents. 
We didn’t like what we saw with Ingwe fans the other day but we strongly believe that it is time Kenyans and especially Soccer fans acted with maturity and stop
spoiling the name of Kenya in relation to football. 
Instead, lets embrace the spirit of competition and sports that will enable our sports men and women reap the benefits of their sweat. 
I second whoever that slapped a lifetime ban on that “die hard fan” who did what he did best in front of the camera.

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